Welcome to HacashDAO

Hacash has 3 proof-of-work coins and 3 layers, aiming to be the most stable purchasing power crypto & scalable infrastructure. HacashDAO drives the adoption.

Roadmap & Crowdfund

Hacash Intro

Layer 1: 3 PoW Coins

  • Full node can be run on cheap device
  • Prevents 51% attacks
  • No script and EVM
  • BTC one-way transfers
  • DeFi contracts with non-EVM readability

Layer 2: Instant Payment

  • Synchronous payments
  • Enable multi-channel transactions
  • Retain the last transaction
  • Support HAC and BTC
  • Optional privacy

Layer 3: Multi-chain System

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Cross-chain protocol standards
  • Multi-layer adaptation interfaces
  • Multiple chains and languages
  • Highly customizable

Hacash Whitepaper

Earlist Design about Decentralized, Self-Adjusted Elastic Coin Supply Mechanism and PoW-NFT

The invention of blockchain is to achieve the goal of "Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". Up to now, there is no exact evidence to show that it has a particularly significant value and real use other than "Electronic Money". We believe that the whole cryptographic industry, or blockchain industry, has only one important direction from beginning to end: To achieve a more sound and efficient global currency.

As the first sentence of Hacash white paper says, "We have come to the threshold of the era of monetary system reform.". The emergence of bitcoin shows us the direction of change, and its great value is beyond doubt, but it does not mean that we can get the best and final solution for the first time. After all, human beings always need to move forward rather than stop. The purpose of the emergence of Hacash is to prove that the only way to surpass bitcoin and achieve the large-scale use of cryptocurrency in real business and daily life is better "Monetary Nature", rather than any other more high-end and complex "blockchain technology".