Hacash has 3 proof-of-work coins and 3 layers, aiming to be the most stable purchasing power crypto & scalable infrastructure.
HacashDAO drives the adoption.

Hacash Crowdfunding Mission

CoinMarketCap Listing Fee 5K USDT

Donation Address:
ETH or ERC20 USDT: 0x4cd31E4Ad0d6dF2D35aE954d264dc9eb0E11fE3e
BNB or BEP20 USDT: 0x4cd31E4Ad0d6dF2D35aE954d264dc9eb0E11fE3e
HAC or HACD: 15iUeB2xdQs6Nb41UKCMZcGFxA29tZbvAP

Task Leader: @Dr_T_123

2250 USDT 45%5000 USDT

Next Exchange Listing Fee 60K USDT

Donation Address:
ERC20-USDT: 0x3D6B83889F207BdfB47a44264F7cFfBBE76b2254
BSC-USDT: 0x63e6dE8666Cd141D100f36C5c98f42dF02778b79

Task Leader: @YouKenTrust

60000 USDT100%

About HacashDAO

HacashDAO is comprised of individuals with a profound comprehension of the fundamental nature of money, acknowledging that Bitcoin might not represent the most ideal currency.We hold a strong conviction that Hacash is poised to become the future's predominant mainstream currency.

Our dedication lies in rectifying the sluggish progress caused by the absence of an official team and the equitable distribution of Hacash. By leveraging the collective strength of the Hacash community, we curate and furnish extensive information, unceasingly champion the value and innovation inherent in Hacash, and propel Hacash towards advancement.