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If you find it challenging to locate an official Hacash community, that's normal. Just as Hacash is decentralized in its technology like Bitcoin, it is equally decentralized in its community. This is why establishing HacashDAO is one of our key endeavors – to bring together these scattered entities and collectively discover and follow an effective path for advancing Hacash's development.

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Given that the project lacks token incentives, pre-mining, and a dedicated team, there are no additional funds available for driving this project. It solely relies on community crowdfunding to propel forward. Currently, the community has crowdfunded three exchanges and a media article. Crowdfunding initiatives are typically initiated on HacashTalk. We are currently proposing a standardized community crowdfunding execution plan.


Hacash lacks founders and teams, signifying that its development will be entirely community-driven. Anyone can propose optimizations and improvements for Hacash, and if formally discussed, a HIP (Hacash Improvement Proposal) number will be assigned, making it accessible for proposal across various community platforms.

Presently, exchanges and markets are frequently discussed on HacashTalk and Telegram, while tech development matters are more often raised on Discord. We will follow the progress of proposers and consolidate it on the HacashDAO site.

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Hacash's three-coin, three-layer structure involves extensive development and innovation for each coin and layer.

Hacash Development Documentation:

If you wish to join the core Hacash development team, you can currently follow this process:

Hacash Proposals:

If you intend to make a HIP proposal, you can initiate a well-discussed proposal within the community.

February 2023 statistics for Hacash code contribution geography:

Last modified: 08/18/2023
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