Quick Understand Hacash

Mastering Hacash's key technologies and core values

IntroductionWhat is Hacash?

Hacash is a proof-of-work and programmable crypto monetary system. It is the first cryptocurrency that both decentralizes and adjusts the money supply to keep purchasing power stable.The entire monetary system is composed of three distinct types of PoW coins: HACD, BTC, and HAC, each possessing unique attributes. Notably, HACD serves as the first PoW NFT and PoW generative art.

Hacash has three layers. Layer 1 includes the ASIC-resistant X16RS mining algorithm, the Beacon Tower Protocol with 51% attack resistance, readable contracts, optional privacy, equity account model, and BTC one-way transfer. Layer 2 functions as a channel chain settlement network, enabling large-scale instant payments of HAC and BTC. Layer 3 is an application ecosystem scaling layer based on Layer 1 and Layer 2, supporting various Rollup technologies and multi-chain protocols.

Value PropositionWhat are the core values of Hacash?

  • The Future World Currency
    Similar to the value logic of Bitcoin, Hacash has even greater potential to become the future's global circulating currency, presenting the opportunity for substantial returns on investment. Early investment may yield higher profits. Holding more shares of the new currency implies owning a larger stake in future wealth. Failing to embrace monetary change could result in wealth erosion due to the obsolescence of the old monetary system.
  • Ultimate PoW Asset Paradigm
    The PoW endows digital assets with intrinsic value, making them usable as currency, constituting a disruptive asset paradigm. Hacash's three PoW coins – HAC, BTC, and HACD – form a comprehensive monetary system and digital asset framework under the PoW paradigm. Notably, HACD represents the first PoW NFT with the strongest store of value power and asset innovation.
  • Compatibility, Inheritance and Scaling of Bitcoin
    Hacash surpasses Bitcoin in terms of technical architecture maturity, decentralization degree, and fairness of the economic model. Transitioning from Bitcoin to Hacash assists in addressing Bitcoin's challenges of poor scalability, unadjustable currency quantity, and unsustainable economic model. Hacash aims to enhance the value of both through BTC one-way transfer.
  • Decentralized Financial System Based on Sound Money
    A sound money and financial infrastructure are paramount in the crypto industry. Within the Hacash ecosystem, built upon the most robust currency system, open decentralized currency and a financial world can be constructed through various levels of scalability technology.
  • Cypherpunk's Historical Orthodoxy
    Just as Bitcoin resolved decentralization and double-spending issues, Hacash solves both decentralization and the problem of adjusting the money supply to maintain the stability of purchasing power. HAC embodies Wei Dai's B-Money, while HACD realizes Hal Finney's crypto trading card and Nick Szabo's Bit Gold. Hacash stands as the ultimate realization of historical cypherpunk ideals and objectives.
Last modified: 08/18/2023
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